Does Drunk Coconut ship internationally? 

Currently, we only ship to customers to the continental US states. 


Can I purchase Drunk Coconut products in wholesale quantities? 

For stockists who are interested in long-term partnerships, contact support@drunkcoconut.com


Is everything you make really natural? 

Yes! We don't include any fillers, colors, dyes, alcohol, paraben, etc. No BS. 

Read more about the way we work here.


How soon can I expect my order?

We send out orders every business day between 10am-3pm. You can expect your order in 1-4 days. If you're worried or concerned about your order, let us know at support@drunkcoconut.com


Your shipping rates are a bit high at times, why is that? 

All of our products are in glass containers, because, well, plastic sucks. We take every measure to safely package our products to ensure safe arrival without damage. 


My product doesn't look the same after I've had it for a few months. Why?

As you know, our line doesn't use any ingredients that aren't natural/active. Therefore, our products may change over long periods of time and under high temperatures. To fix the issue, you can usually just stir the product with a spoon.

If your product was shipped during hot summers or cold winters, your product may arrive slightly altered. Simply leave the product in room temperature for a few hours and it will be back to normal!

Let us know if you're unsatisfied and we'll make things right. support@drunkcoconut.com


Where are your products made?

Fort Morgan, CO, USA.


I'm purchasing a Drunk Coconut product as a gift, can you wrap it?

Send us an email at support@drunkcoconut.com and do our best to meet your requirements.