The Benefits Of Using Clay Masks

Posted by Zachary Schwindt on


We've all seen photos of girls using pink clay masks. We admit, they're freaking adorable. But what do these masks even do?

Clay masks have been seen as a luxurious skin treatment since the ancient times due to the natural absorbing and renewing qualities they hold. We believe that using a clay mask is like pushing a "reset" button for your skin. Toxins, impurities, and bacteria get absorbed and extracted, leaving room for repair and restoration. 

Both Sea Clay and Pink Clay have different properties, but both have a tendency to bring your blood to the surface of the skin, leaving your face looking red after your treatment. When your blood rises to the surface, your skin is quicker to restore and rebuild. After all, your skin loves you and wants to look amazing, sometimes your skin just needs a helping hand to look great. 

Our skin produces oil by itself, but too much or too little can result in undesirable skin conditions. When you use a clay mask, your skins sebum production becomes balanced and regulated, just like a "reset" button. 


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